Portland 2017

Portland 2017

Recently, my boyfriend and I spent a weekend in Portland (and the surrounding areas). I had never been to Portland. I know, it’s crazy. Being a foodie (I really do hate that word, but I don’t know what else to call myself) how can I not have ever visited before? I also don’t get much time off from work, so this was a much needed vacation. We went to go spend a weekend with my boyfriend’s brother’s family.

Our first night, we stayed in the Pearl district, super cute place, very safe feeling. Kind of reminds me of the Gaslamp of San Diego. The Pearl is a super great place to stay, it’s so beautiful.  With some seriously amazing food. The people there are also so damn nice! I mean this. Being from Los Angeles, it’s odd when strangers are nice to you. It’s just something that is completely unexpected. If you’re from LA you know what I mean…

We were hungry, so we walked to this place called Brunch Box. I went a little simple with my order. I’m a super picky person about burgers, I’m not a fan of ketchup or an overly sauced burger for one… but these guys had some seriously good burgers. Not gonna lie, I wanted more. I could have sat there and ate about three, being the fatty that I am. However, I knew I was going to be eating all day. We reluctantly left and roamed the city in search of more foods and beer.



It was hot, we had walked a lot. We needed beer.

Thankfully, we stumbled upon a small brewery. It was called Hair of the Dog. We ordered a beer flight and looked at the foods they were serving. Needless to say, I was very intrigued by some items on the menu.


The duck wings had some of the most amazing sauce I’ve ever tasted. I asked what was in the sauce, and the waitress said that they basically just braise a bunch of peppers, spices, and duck juices in a pot all day. This sauce was earthy and spicy and dark. So good. Sooo gooooood.

We also saw some creepy street art.

However, our time in Portland was limited as we were moving onto the beach the next day. So we had to leave the creepy street art and fancy hipster food to go make our own!

We ended up staying in a cutesy airbnb in Oceanside for the rest of the weekend. The clean air was amazing! Oh and the view…



The plan was have lots of wine and make some good foods. We ended up experimenting with beef ribs, having never cooked these bad boys before I was definitely excited. However, it’s ribs. I’m not really allowed to be in charge for the meat. That’s my boyfriend’s deal, and rightfully so. He makes some of the most amazing ribs ever. EVER! He puts a lot of care and love into making any type of meat. Honestly, it’s like watching someone elegantly play the harp.

We brought our own rub (yeah we are THOSE people) and spiced up both ribs. We weren’t able to grill at this place, so we had to get a smoky flavor some other way. I purchased a tasty smoked cherry wood salt to give us that bit of smoke taste.


I didn’t have much to do with the preparation beyond this point. My boyfriend put them in the oven and what felt like forever later they were ready to be cut into!

It was a good dinner. There was wine, and meat, and more wine. Can’t complain about that! It’s one of those occasions that reminds you that cooking is more than just putting something in the oven. It’s about how you feel about what you are doing. Our entire weekend was catered to these amazing ribs. Caring about the food you cook is very important, if you put care into it you will get an unforgettable experience.

Ultimately, that’s all that matters – being with people that you love and sharing amazing food and creating memories!


Oregon is truly a great place that I hope to visit often.

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