About Me

Hi. I’m Sarah!

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas.  A place of enchiladas, tamales, beans, HEB (you south Texas people know what store I’m talking about), and the amazing Taco Cabana.  I do miss south Texas a lot.  I don’t get to go back and visit much, but when I do you better believe that I soak up as much Tex-Mex as I can!  I graduated college with a Bachelor degree in Radio, Television, and Film.  So of course Los Angeles was the perfect place for me!  I packed up my car and drove out to LA without a job, without knowing who I was, without knowing anyone.  It was a weird, scary, dumb, and fun experience.  The first apartment I ever had was empty and I had two roomies.  We didn’t have enough money for furniture, and I fondly look back on that time as some of the best times in my life.  Of course, after a few months I got my shit together and got a job..etc…

I am heavily into photography and cinematography. My camera arsenal ranges from a plastic toy cameras (Holga, Diana, you name it) to more traditional film work horses like my trusty Canon AE-1, all the way to my Canon 5D MK II.  I have a lot of cameras, but honestly, you can’t ever have too many cameras.  Right?

My joy for food and cooking definitely stems from cooking for and with my friends and boyfriend.  Cooking is such a cultural thing.  You can learn a lot about someone from what they cook.  I strongly believe you can also get over a bad day by cooking a nice dinner.  I also quickly realized, I had a lot to learn (and still am) about cooking and food.  I remember that I used to hate onions. ONIONS!  Yeah, I was so crazy.  Thankfully, I have learned since then.

When I started getting more serious about cooking, I started to get into gardening.  I see the two as going hand in hand.  It’s fuckin’ amazing to have fresh herbs all the time.  So in addition to my plant babies outside, I got an aerogarden.  I started out simple, and then of course I got hooked.  It’s going on two years now that I’ve been hardcore into my hydroponic counter top garden.  They do take up significant and super valuable counter space in the kitchen, so it is a huge commitment.  My advice to anyone is to start out small.  Grow a few herbs in your windowsill.  Your food will become much better, and tasty, and amazing, and fuck why not give plants some love?

I’m also a proud pet mom to a maine-coon cat, Maggie; and a pit-bull dog Willow.  They are often in my posts, as they are almost always in the kitchen with me while I’m whipping up some food.

I think the most important thing is to have fun.  You aren’t always going to cook an amazing meal, sometimes stuff is going to get burnt or under cooked (check out my Pie Day post, and you’ll see).  It’s just important to go into things with an open mind, and ready to fail.  Food fails are the best, it’s how we learn.  It’s all about making your foodventures great, and fun.  That’s what I try to do.  Don’t stress too much in the kitchen.  It’ll all come out okay, and if not – just try again.